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MatchPlaySport is an International Sports Performance Consultancy dedicated to maximising and Inspiring Athlete and Coaching Performance.

Founded and directed by former Great Britain Olympic Head Coach and Team Manager, Andy Wood – We are committed to driving optimal development and performance at all levels across a wide variety of Sports. Having specialist knowledge in Badminton and Racket Sports we provide a range of services including individual and squad performance coaching, Coach Education and mentoring, Performance Planning and Strategy combined with essential elements of Sports Science Support including Mental Fitness, Momentum and Performance Edge Programmes

  • Qualified and actively coaching for over 40 years.
  • Former Great Britain Olympic Head Coach and Team Manager
  • Coach to numerous Olympic, World, Commonwealth and European medalists.
  • World Badminton Federation Development Technician and Consultant.
  • Co Founder of Derbyshire Institute of Sport.
  • Former Loughborough University Director of Badminton
  • Former UK Sport “Coach of the Year”
  • Former BBC Sport “ Coach of the Year”

Our Book


Our book 'Momentum, MatchFlow and The Art of Competing' is the missing link that many players, coaches and parents can sense when playing or watching matches. Momentum is the reason why the score does not always reflect the state of play, it is why matches ebb and flow and the reason why the better player does not always win. In the book we will take you to the heart of match issues, helping you solve the real problems you face in matches: how to close out leads, how to turn matches around and what to do when things are in the balance. With tactical intelligence and sport psychology at the core, our book is packed with individual insights and methods to help you develop your game. Underpinned by the latest academic research and practical coaching experience, you will gain insights from experts who coach at the top of international sport, as well as working, competing and coaching at all levels. We aim to help players, coaches and parents think about matches in a different way and understand how to develop from match to match.We aim to help players navigate the ebbs and flows of a match and gain a competitive edge. We aim to help coaches focus their coaching on matchplay skills so their players win more often. We aim to help parents to understand the challenges and benefits of matchplay competition in order for them to maximise the effectiveness of their advice and guidance.