Our Range of Specialist Sports Science Services

As sport evolves in the 21st century, science becomes more and more important in maximising human performance and capability.

At matchplaysport, we provide a wide range of specialist sports science support services. Our Services, listed below are delivered by practitioners that we have personally worked with in performance sport for many years and who all have proven track records.

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Sports Doctor

Rapid, accurate diagnosis from our sports doctor providing a clear recovery pathway.
Lead expert: Dr Cathy Speed

Strength and Conditioning and Fitness Programmes

Protect, prepare, strengthen and monitor your body specifically for the demands of your sport.

Lead expert:
Donna Kellogg - BSc, NASM PT/PES/CES
Andy Allford - EIS, Team GB

Performance Analysis

Analyse your performance using the latest software programmes and statistical data.
Lead expert: Hannah Behan - Team GB

Physiotheraphy and Medical Screening

Lead expert:
Caryl Becker - MCSP, SRP, MSc
Chief physiotherapist for British Olympic Association

Sports Psychology

Sports psychology helps to prepare your sporting mind to compete for success, with no fear.
Lead expert: Juliette Lloyd - BA, MSc, CPsychol

Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition teaches you how to fuel your system to operate at maximum capability with rapid recovery.
Lead expert: Freddy Brown - EIS


Use biomechanics to analyse and diagnose your sporting techniques, to reduce the risk of injury and optimise efficiency.
Lead expert: Dr Mark King - Senior lecturer in Sports Biomechanics at Loughborough University

Sports Therapy and Massage

Rapidly rid your body of toxins, lactate and waste products through sports therapy and massage, and be re-energised for more exertion.
Lead expert:
Emma Thomson - ITEC, VTCT