High level support in mentoring and coach performance education

Develop your skills as a coach with our coach education workshops, which are built around a constructed programme to suit your performance requirements.

You can now supplement your existing coaching qualifications with real in-depth specific knowledge and understanding of your sport, alongside coaches who have delivered at the pinnacle of world and Olympic level.

Our team have been travelling the UK to deliver coach education seminars and workshops to county, regional and club groups of coaches.

"On behalf of the coaches and members of Activ Sports, I'd like to thank you for visiting our club on Saturday. The members had a great time and I'm sure we will be hearing about it all week! As coaches, you have opened our minds and motivated us to take Activ Sports further and we really appreciate the help you have given us so far."

Steve Kiernan, Activ Sports Manager


Who coaches the coach? Who supports, questions, challenges and rejuvenates the coach? Who ensures that the coach is innovating and thinking outside the box? Who steepens the learning curve and ensures that you reach your performance targets as soon as possible?

matchplaysports can help you to support your coaches and provide beneficial resources around them, empowering them to deliver innovative, challenging and inspirational performance coaching.

Olympic Preparation Planning

You can draw on the vast experience of matchplaysport's Olympians when planning the preparation for your next major event. We can help you to inspire your athletes with confidence, by designing and delivering the perfect training and competition preparation plan.

With our help they will arrive at the biggest event of their career, injury free, supremely energised, fearless and ready to conquer anything that may stand between them and their greatest ever career achievement.

Our Olympic preparation and planning provides support and advice on:

  • Training phases
  • Hydration, acclimatisation and altitude training
  • Performance monitoring
  • A medical, health and immunity plan
  • Screening and injury risk assessment
  • Volume and intensity of training
  • The logistics of holding camps, training camps and break-out camps
  • Team-building
  • What if? scenarios
  • Establishing clarity in support staff roles and responsibilities
  • Lifestyle planning and management

Performance Programme Consultancy

This gives you the opportunity to draw on the vast knowledge and experience of our world class performance programmes when designing your pathway.

Seminars and Presentations

Want to gain the knowledge for you to develop as a competitor within your sport?

Our team of specialist coaches can make a presentation to you, your team or group on a wide range of critical subjects that can have a big impact on your performance. These include:


The flow of energy between competitors in the heat of battle - how to recognise, create and control this to your advantage.


Do you fully understand and have what it takes to be a professional athlete?


How to develop a relationship based on trust, integrity and the sharing of a common goal in order to maximise performance and capability.


How to establish the culture, clarify the boundaries, identify the motivational forces and clear the pathway towards success.


Showing you planning, preparation and performance, including inspirational footage of a variety of Olympic Games.

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